Vajrasana / Thunderbolt Pose

Roshan Shrestha April 25, 2022 12:11 am
Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt Pose.

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Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose is a foundational seated (kneeling) pose. This is one of the most used poses during meditation.

Sanskrit Name and Meaning of Thunderbolt Pose

  • Sanskrit Name – Vajrasana
  • Pronounced – Vuj-Raah-Suh-Nuh
  • Meaning
    • Vajra – Diamond or Thunderbolt (Indra’s weapon)

Note – There’s no need to strain yourself by doing more than what you can. It will do more harm than good. Seek expert guidance if you’re unsure about anything.

Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Stand straight with feet together.

2. Kneel down with one leg after another.

3. Sit down on your heels. Place your arms on your knees, palms facing downward. Keep your back straight. Hold for five breaths or as long as is possible.

Tips for Beginners

1. For Step 3 – During the Final Position, keep your knees and feet apart for easier sitting.

Modifications and Props

1. For Fat Belly – Widen your legs.

2. For Tight Ankles – Place a rolled towel between your ankle joints.

3. For Those Who Can’t Sit in Step 3 – Place a yoga block or rolled towel under your buttocks.


  1. Refrain from the pose in case of pain in the ankles and knees.


  1. Improves digestion if practiced after a meal
  2. Improves immune system
  3. Relaxes the neck and shoulders.
  4. Relieves constipation
  5. Relieves the sciatic nerve

Feel free to tell us or ask us anything about the pose. For more, keep on browsing Yoga Memo.

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