Dandasana / Staff Pose

Roshan Shrestha April 18, 2022 3:26 pm
Dandasana or Staff Pose

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Dandasana or Staff Pose is a foundational seated pose. This pose helps you set yourself up for other seated poses.

Sanskrit Name and Meaning of Staff Pose

  • Sanskrit Name – Dandasana
  • Pronounced – Duhn-Daah-Suh-Nuh
  • Meaning
    • Danda – Stick or Staff

Note – There’s no need to strain yourself by doing more than what you can. It will do more harm than good. Seek expert guidance if you’re unsure about anything.

Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Stand straight with feet together.

2. Kneel down into Vajrasana.

3. Place your left hand down and straighten your right leg.

4. Repeat the same thing on your left leg.

5. Place your palms on your knees. Keep your back straight with shoulders rolled back (rotate externally). Hold for 5 breaths or as long as is comfortable.

Tips for Beginners

1. For Step 5 – During the Final Position, try to keep your legs and feet as close together as is comfortable.

2. For Step 5 – During the Final Position, try to roll your thighs inward.

3. For Step 5 – During the Final Position, try to keep the toes pointed up.

Modifications and Props

1. For Fat Belly, Tight Hamstrings, and Weak Spine – Place a folded blanket, towel, or even a block under the pelvis.

1. For Tight Hamstrings – You can also place your back against the wall and slightly press against it to align the spine.

2. For Tight Shoulders – Rotate your arms externally. Place your palms beside your hips and point your fingers back to open your shoulders and chest.


  1. Refrain from the pose in case of abdominal pains or severe back issues.


  1. Improves digestion and acidity problems
  2. Tones the spine
  3. Strengthens the back and thighs
  4. Builds postural awareness

Feel free to tell us or ask us anything about the pose. For more, keep on browsing Yoga Memo.


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