Balasana / Child’s Pose

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Silhouette of Child's Pose!

Child’s Pose comes from the pose of fetus positioning on the womb.

Sanskrit Name and Meaning of Child’s Pose

  • Sanskrit Name – Balasana
  • Pronounced – Baal-Aah-Suh-Nuh
  • Meaning
    • Bala – Child

Note – There’s no need to strain yourself by doing more than what you can. It will do more harm than good. Seek expert guidance if you’re unsure about anything.

Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Stand on your knees. Sit down on your heels. Place your arms on your knees, palms facing downward.

2. Exhale while slowly bending forward from your hips.

3. Rest your head on the floor and your torso on your things.

4. Either straighten your hands forward or bring your hands back towards your feet.

5. After 5 breaths, Inhale while raising your torso back up. Relax.

Tips for Beginners

For Step 4 – During the Final Position, try to breathe slowly and deeply.

Modifications and Props

1. For Fat Belly and Tight Hips – Widen your legs.

2. For Tight Ankles – Place a rolled towel between your ankle joints.

3. For Those Who Can’t Sit in Vajrasana or Step 1 – Place a yoga block or rolled towel under your buttocks.

4. For Knee Pain – Lie flat on your back and tuck your knees in towards your chest.


  1. This is a Restorative Pose and hence, there’s no need to perform any counterposes.


  1. Refrain from the pose in case of abdominal pains.


  1. Restores Energy
  2. Relaxes the Heart and the Brain.
  3. Relaxes the Neck and the Shoulders.
  4. Improves Digestion and Acidity Problems
  5. Relieves Constipation
  6. Relieves the Sciatic Nerve
  7. Tones the Spine
  8. Stretches and Strengthens the Lower Back
  9. Regulates Adrenal Glands which helps in regulating your immune system.
  10. Alleviates Problems in Both Male and Female Reproductive Organs

Feel free to tell us or ask us anything about the pose. For more, keep on browsing Yoga Memo.

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  • References from Asana Pranayama Mudra Banda by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • References from Wikipedia Balasana

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