Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator

Roshan Shrestha July 16, 2021 8:29 pm
Text of Body Adiposity Index (BAI).

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Standard BAI Calculator



Enter your hip size in centimeters:


Enter you height (in feet and inches):




Your BAI is:     %

Note: The results indicated by the BAI or Body Adiposity Index calculator are not to be relied upon to make health-related choices. Do consult with your doctor once before making any specific changes to your diet and such.

BAI Chart for Females

AgeUnderweightHealthy WeightOverweightObese
20-39Less than 21%21% to 33%34% to 39%Greater than 39%
40-59Less than  23%23% to 35%36% to 41%Greater than 41%
60-79Less than 25%25% to 38%39% to 43%Greater than 43%
BAI Chart for Females!

BAI Chart for Males

AgeUnderweightHealthy WeightOverweightObese
20-39Less than 8%8% to 21%22% to 26%Greater than 26%
40-59Less than  11%11% to 23%24% to 29%Greater than 29%
60-79Less than 13%13% to 25%26% to 31%Greater than 31%
BAI Chart for Males!

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