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Yoga Poses

Silhouette of Child's Pose!

Balasana / Child’s Pose

Silhouette of Salabhasana / Locust Pose!

Locust Pose / Salabhasana

Silhouette of Cobra Pose!

Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana

Silhouette of Cat Cow Yoga Pose!

Cat Cow Pose / Marjariasana Bitilasana


Silhouette of Back Pain!

Painful Back Pain – Its Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Have you ever tried to pick things up, and you’re like, “Ouch, My Back!” Well, you’re not the only one! 8 out of 10 people have felt a stinging sensation on their back and groaned the same thing. But, have you ever wondered why you feel such discomfort? Is it

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